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WARRANTY - Terms & Conditions:


1. WARRANTY COVERAGE - Warranty coverage commences from the date you purchased the Product. Please retain your sales or delivery receipt with warranty card or label.


Warranty maybe invalid if the serial number on the actual product is illegible or missing – subject to final judgement / examination by the manufacturer.


Suntronics warrants the Product against defects in material or workmanship under normal use for the applicable warranty period listed below (“Warranty Period”), beginning from the date of original purchase by the Purchaser.  If the Product becomes defective during the Warranty Period,  Suntronics will, at its option and as specified below, repair the product with new or reconditioned components or parts, or replace the Product with a new or reconditioned Product of the same or functionally equivalent model.



1.1 Warranty Period - Stated period (Beginning from the date of purchase) on the warranty card or label.

Totolink Router: 3 year from the date of purchase

Hurom Slow Juicer: 2 years from the date of purchase, Motor: 10 years from the date of purchase




2.1 Carry-in Warranty Service - Suntronics offers the purchaser a “Carry-In” Warranty Service for the applicable Warranty Period which includes repair of all defects in materials and/or workmanship (i.e. labour and parts or labour only that stated on the warranty card); provided that the fault has occurred under the operation of the Product as described in the User’s Manual. Parts removed from a Product during Warranty Service will become the property of Suntronics. The spare parts used during Warranty Service assume the remaining warranty coverage of the Product they are used on.


The Product shall be considered as repaired when it fulfills tests performed according to the original Product specifications and when the operating system has been restored. Suntronics’s Limited Warranty does not include backup and/or restoring backups of any customer data or software.


Transportation and insurance cost of the Product to/from the designated service centre are to be covered by the Purchaser.


Service and turnaround time depends on the spare parts availability.


2.2 How to obtain Warranty Service


Should your Product become defective within the warranty period, please contact our support team, and please provide the following information:


i. Your contact information

ii. model name, serial number of your Product,

iii. The date and place you purchased your Product.

iv. A brief description of the problem.


3. LIABILITY - This warranty shall be automatically cancelled if the Product or any part(s) thereof are modified, tampered with, altered, converted or repaired in anyway by anybody other than the staff or authorized service providers of Suntronics.  Suntronics’s decision to cancel this warranty shall be final.


4.1 - Notwithstanding anything herein contained, Suntronics shall not be liable to the user or any third party whatsoever for any damage, loss, liability (save and except for any personal injuries or death) or failure to provide maintenance services under this warranty in respect of any act, omission or negligence of any technician, employee or independent contractor of Suntronics relating to the performance or purported performance of any obligations under this warranty.


4.2) You shall bear the risk and be responsible for all damage, injury or loss (including consequential loss, loss of profit, injury or damage) arising directly or indirectly out of or in connection with the service, delivery, or use of the Product.


4.3)The maximum liability of Suntronics under this warranty shall be restricted to the replacement value of the Product.


5. This warranty shall not extend to anyone other than the original purchaser of the Product. Suntronics shall be entitled to transfer or assign all its rights and obligations under the warranty to any company in Hong Kong which is associated with Suntronics.


Suntronics shall not be responsible or liable for any insurance coverage in relation to the Product.


6. GOVERNING LAW - Where the Purchaser has taken delivery of the Product in any other country, this warranty shall be governed by the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.


HUROM 慢磨原汁機

為了保障閣下可享用正版正貨的售後服務,請於以下網址登記產品維修保用(, 同時請閣下務必保留購買發票/收據。日後需要申請維修服務時,未能出示購買發票/收據正本, 客戶售後服務中心並不會提供維修保用。因此,請閣下務必妥善保存產品購買發票!!


1.    以下項目並不包括於保修範圍內。客戶須另付所需的服務費用。
•    損耗性零件、外接線及機殼。
•    曾被非服務中心的技術員明顯地或不明顯地進行改裝、更改或修理的產品。
•    曾經被不適當或疏忽使用、不正常供電或電壓不正常、意外、天災或因昆蟲、外物、液體入侵、腐蝕或外來因素而造成損壞的產品。
•    因產品不正確安裝而影響正常之操作,不依照使用說明書指引錯誤使用。
•    HUROM惠人(家用版)慢磨原汁機只限家用,如用作商業用途一律不獲維修。如需要商業用途,請與本公司銷售部聯絡,購買商用版之HUROM惠人慢磨原汁機。
2.    保用年期由購買日計起。
3.    特價貨品維修保用條款,請向本地代理商查詢!! 
4.    因運輸途中引致的損壞,敬請向有關的運輸公司索償。
5.    保用必須提供購買發票及收據。(注意: 本產品並不提供國際保用) 
6.    HUROM 將拒絕負上所有因使用本產品而引致的附帶損失的相應責任。
7.    所有資料如有任何更改,恕不另行通知。如有任何爭議,本公司有權保留最終決定權!

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